“Copacabanashak” the tropical-winter come back!

Two years ago, Sauterelle Design worked on the art direction of the “Feel the heat at the Casino!” campaign for the Société des Casinos du Québec. The idea was then to contrast between hot and cold in order to create an ambivalent atmosphere, mixing cocktails on fire with maple syrup and maple taffy. You have seen this campaign in the subway, on your cellphones, on the website of the Casino as well as its social media. In parallel, we also collaborated on a campaign highlighting the figurehead of the Casino; Gregory Charles.

This year, we are back on this campaign to add a new element to “Copacabanashak”! We kept the warm-cold side, and to that, we added Gregory Charles’ talent and charisma… The result? An artist who plays on his piano (nothing surprising so far) on ??the beach (really?) Surrounded by two Brazilian dancers (ok…) caught in a blizzard of snow and ice (what ?!)! In other words: a striking and surprising mix that is worth the look!


The video can be seen here:

Following this project, a photobooth was set up at the Casino de Montréal following the campaign’s theme. The attendees were invited to take part in the shooting, dress up and have fun in front of the camera! We were able to recreate the atmosphere and the visual of the advertisement thanks to the costumes and decors, which were a fine mix of tropical and winter!